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The online registration system is closed.

Registration to the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012 is now open. Registration fees include admission to the conference and satellite meetings, conference material, opening reception (on Sunday) and Complex Systems Society reception (on Tuesday), as well as lunches and coffee breaks on all five week days. Participants will also be able to download the book of abstracts (in electronic form) and have access to the online proceedings.

As part of an effort to promote the activities of the Complex Systems Society (CSS), participants are exceptionally given the opportunity to become CSS members free of additional charge and pay the reduced CSS members' registration fee(1). Those participants who do not wish to become members of the CSS pay the standard registration fee.

CSS members(2)01/01 - 30/0401/05 - 31/0701/08 - 31/08
Regular €285€310€385
Student (3) €185€210€285

non CSS members(2)01/01 - 30/0401/05 - 31/0701/08 - 31/08
Regular €300€325€400
Student (3) €200€225€300

You have until Friday August 31st to process your payment through our online registration system. If you have not received an acknowledgment of payment by that date, you are invited to bring a proof of payment to the registration desk on the conference site. Last minute on-site registration will carry an additional €50 penalty. Only payments by cash will be accepted for on-site registration.

To proceed to online registration, including third party registration, identify yourself on the online registration system and download your personalized payment form. You will have to provide the name, institution and email of every single participant you wish to register. No information will be recorded in the system until you click the confirmation button.

Please note that an additional fee of 2.46% will be charged for credit card payments with Visa and Mastercard, and 3.65% with American Express. Payments by direct bank transfer are free of extra charge.

(1) Registration fees include the €25 membership fee to the Complex Systems Society (€15 for students).
(2) Cancellation policy: A handling fee of €150 will be charged for cancellations made prior to 31 July 2012. No refund will be issued after that date.
(3) Students will be asked to show their student ID or provide a proof of registration for the academic years 2011/12 or 2012/13.