ECCS '12 Brussels - European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS'12 Complex Systems Society





Main tracks

  1. Foundations of Complex Systems
    Emergence, self-organization, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, mathematical modeling, simulation.
  2. Complexity, Information and Computation
    Natural computing, computer networks, neural networks, linguistics, swarms and robots.
  3. Prediction, Policy and Planning, Environment
    Decision making, management, design, transport, energy and sustainability, climatic change.
  4. Biological Complexity
    Self-assembly, energy and information transduction, nonlinear phenomena at the subcellular, cellular and organismic levels, biological networks, cognitive processes, systems biology, evolution, medicine and physiology.
  5. Interacting Populations, Collective Behavior
    Collective choices, flocking, ecology, epidemiology, demography.
  6. Social Systems, Economics and Finance
    Psychology, game theory, stock market, crises, epistemological aspects.